The quality:
an objective fact

In Ghirardi quality isn’t an abstract value but an objective fact: the result of craftsmanship that has been consolidated over 80 years of experience, teamwork achieved through a constantly specialised and enhanced in-house team and technological innovation, based on the use of increasingly advanced machinery and equipment, in the framework of an integrated system of skills.
Pietra autentica

Authentic Stone (Pietra Autentica) is the European trademark reserved for Italian producers of marble, granite, travertine and natural stone that protects the authentic stone product, distinguishing it from partially artificial stone. The Authentic Stone product is recognized as the mark of excellence for ‘Made in Italy”.

Consorzio Marmisti Bresciani
As an active and authoritative voice in the stone sector, the Consorzio Marmisti Bresciani welcomes local stone quarrying and processing companies from Brescia to support them in the development of their activities through the promotion of specific services.
The consortium also promotes the excellence of the materials and the skills of the consortium members; and safeguards and disseminates the historical and cultural heritage linked to the world of Brescia stone. Ghirardi is a founding partner.
Marmo Botticino classico
The Consortium of Botticino Classico Marble Producers protects and promotes the exclusivity of Botticino marble; it certifies the originality of its origin, the unique quality of the material and of its processing, which is carried out according to the most accurate quality controls, and monitors its marketing.
Ghirardi has been a licensee of the brand since 2006.
Pietra Naturale Autentica
Ghirardi is a founding member of the “PNA – PIETRA NATURALE AUTENTALE” network, a container and aggregator of those companies that intend to promote knowledge and awareness of authentic natural stone.

The Network is the response promoted by Confindustria Marmomacchine to the numerous requests that have emerged over time both from companies and individual entrepreneurs, who have repeatedly stressed the need to activate a strong communication campaign to support authentic natural stone products.

Ghirardi, with over 80 years of craftsmanship, enthusiasm and professionalism, believes emphatically in “making a system” through this circuit, which develops synergy between the production sectors with a view to supporting wonderful raw materials.

The Network, to whose presidency Stefano Ghirardi (CEO of Ghirardi marbles) was elected, will give even more value to these precious materials. The union is essential to obtain an overall vision that places not a single entity but the entire Italian entity into international markets.

The promotion of authentic natural stone will be conveyed via the web, the press, television and newspapers, as well as a series of participations in trade fairs and events.

Students from the best Italian schools of architecture and design will also be involved to create an innovative product that uses and enhances the characteristics of natural stone.

All with the aim of making known the advantages of this material to consumers, architects, contractors, public and private institutions and all decision-makers in the supply chain.

Pietra Naturale Autentica
The Cribis Prime Company certification represents the highest level of assessment of a company’s reliability, and is issued exclusively to companies that maintain a high status.
Ghirardi has obtained a rating of 1, the prime rating.
Certificato Cribis Prime Company