Vision and energy, innovation and research have made Ghirardi the first “stone contractor” in Italy specialized in achieving high-profile natural stone projects, thanks to an integrated system of skills, professionalism and problem solving developed over the years.

Without, however, forgetting its roots. In fact, craftsmanship and the essential propensity for quality is still our stronghold.

To shape and identify the deepest soul of the company’s history, deeply rooted in the highest level of sartorial excellence, 100% Made in Italy, Ghirardi created a new brand, Ghirardi 1938 – Italian Stone Maestro, which represents the Italian style of refinement and quality of materials with the goal to integrate Marmi Ghirardi in a specific market connected to the highest luxury value.
Event 80th - G1938
The new brand represents Ghirardi’s soul, personality and experience. Which is why a gestural, instinctive and full-bodied sign that recalls the resolve of the company logo with the grit of a signature was opted for.
Hence the resolution towards a sign / symbol which represents the company’s stamina thanks to its vitality dating back to its establishment in 1938
For more than 80 years proudly Made in Italy
About marble newsletterNatural stone world disclosed in G1938 Italian Stone Maestro Newsletter.