Architectural and artistic projects in natural stone

Ghirardi creates architectural and artistic projects in high-profile natural stone.

Architects, artists and national and international clients are are assisted throughout all planning and execution phases with stone contract services ranging from preliminary evaluation of the architectural, or artistic project and design to the identification of suitable material from the aesthetic and performance point of view; from the study and application of special projects and patented systems to laying or installation anywhere in the world.

Back up approach & training center

New Doha International Airport

The Westin Hotel
Queensbridge House


European Medicines Agency

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Savoy Palace Hotel

Gardone Riviera, Brescia

Watergate hotel

Washington DC, USA

Emerald hotel

Prishtina, Kosovo

Hamad Medical center

Doha, Qatar

La Scala Opera House

Milan, Italy

St. Stephen Roman Catholic Church

East Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)

St. John The Baptist Cathedral

Paterson, New Jersey, USA

Masjidsi Masjid Sri Sendayan Mosque

Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Harrod’s Men’s Superbrands

London, England

shopping center

Budapest, Hungary

Bravo Hostel

London, England

Qatar Science & Technology Park

Doha, Qatar

College of Technology University

Doha, Qatar

Salvatore Ferragamo


Urban architecture

Brescia, Italy



Store corner

Milan, Italy

Private residence


Private residence


Private residence


Private residence


Private residence

Italy / Arch. Antonino Cardillo

Private residence


Private residence


Private residence


Kang Won Hotel

South Korea

Four Season’s

Hampshire, GB



St. Regis

Cairo, Egypt

Brasserie Chavot

London, UK



PMS Viaduct

Doha, Qatar


Lisbon, Portugal


European Medicine Agency (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Ghirardi Headquarters (Carpenedolo, Italy)
Harrods Men’s Superbrands department (London, UK)
Defence de Paris (Paris, France)
Karlstadt (Karlsruhe, Hannover, Germany)
New Doha International Airport (Doha, Qatar)
Al Qasr Palace (Doha, Qatar)
Teatro alla Scala (Milano, Italy)
Kwangju Lotte Department Store (Kwangju, Korea)
Youngdengpo Lotte Deprtment Store (Seoul, Korea)
College of Technology University (Doha, Qatar)
Palazzo Uffici Pompea (Mantova, Italy)
Nickles Offices (Brescia, Italy)
Acolid Building (Doha, Qatar)
18- Storey Tower (Doha, Qatar)
U.S. Embassy (Lebanon)
Rotterdam Zoo (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Corporate Square Center (Beijing, China)
The Tequesta Center (Miami, USA)
Tokyo Police Station (Tokyo, Japan)
Bv Am Zeil (Frankfurt, Germany)
MN Dot Life Hospital (Minneapolis, USA)
The Remington (Las Vegas, USA) (pa)
Honda Headquarter (Roma, Italy)
Max Mara Showroom (Lubljiana, Slovenjia)
Italmark Trade Center (Brescia, Italy)
Italmark Trade Center (Pisogne, Italy)
Italmark Trade Center (Villanuova, Italy)
Ambasciata Russa (Bonn, Germany)
Rhein Main Center (Frankfurt, Germany)
Pleasant Hill Office Building (Pleasant Hill, California, USA)
Monza Park (Langen, Germany)
Centro Sava (Beograd, Serbia)
Palomino Restaurant (S. Francisco, USA)
250 Queen Street Office Building (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Al Salàm Beta Diwan (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Piazza Dorgali (Nuoro, Italy)
Arquebuse (Geneve, Switzerland)
Paragon Center (Redwood City, USA)
Colombarium of Sacred Trust (Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills)
Erasmus University (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Yokohama Headquarter (Brescia, Italy)
Business Center (Tblisi, Georgia)
Veterinary Lab. (Kuwait City, Kuwait)
Hamad Medical City (Doha, Qatar)
Al Alia Palace (Al Rabat, Morocco) (pa)
Ge Atr Project (Doha, Qatar)
32 Victoria Road (London, UK)
7 Ingram Avenue (London, UK)
The Carlyle Project (Los Angeles, USA)
Sonatrach Ensemble Parking restaurant (Algier)
Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique – Boulevard de la Croisette (Cannes, French Riviera)
Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique – Via Montenapoleone (Milano, Italy)
Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique – Via Condotti (Roma, Italy)
Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique – Old Bond Street (London, UK)
Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique – Mall of Emirates (Dubai, UAE)
Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique – Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honorè (Paris, France)
Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique – Kingdom Mall (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique – El Palacio de Hierro (Monterrey, Mexico)
Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique – Ave. Presidente Masatyk (Mexico City, Mexico)
Tiffany Shop (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Auditorium Banca Bcc (Brescia, Italy)
Convitto Diocesano Odal (Brescia, Italy)
Chiesa del Cristo risorto (Brescia, italy)
St Johns Baptist Cathedral (NJ, USA)


Witanhurst – Highgate Residence
(London, UK)
Palace green Residence (London, UK)
Manresa Road Residence (London, UK)
Cadogan Place Residences (London, UK)
Upper Brook Street Residence (London, UK)
Phillimore Garden Residences (London, UK)
Penthouse in 2 Avenue Road Residence (London, UK)
Primerose Hill Residence (London, UK)
Calvery park Residence (London, UK)
Private Apartments (London, UK)
Denham Place (Denham, Buckinghamshire, UK)
Private Villa (London, UK)
Abbotsbury Chipping Campden (Gloucestershire, GL55 6EG, UK)
Ville Messidor (Nice, France Riviera)
Private Villas (Monte-Carlo, France Riviera)
Private Villas (Cap d’Ail, France Riviera)
Private Villa (Basel, Switzerland)
Private Apartments (Moscow, Russia)
Private Villas (Moscow, Russia)
Trump Residence and Hotel (Las Vegas, USA)
Georgiou Residence (Ross, USA)
Amiri Diwan (Doha, Qatar)
Residential Towers (Doha, Qatar)
Private Villas the Palm Jebel Ali (Dubai, U.A.E.)
The Meadows Villas (Dubai, Uae)
West Bay Lagoon Villas (Dubai, Uae)
Jumeirah Golf Estate (Dubai, Uae)
Private Villa The Pearl (Doha, Qatar)
Private Villa (Riga, Latvia)
Private Villa (Instanbul, Turkey)
Private Villa (Tripoli, Libia)
Private Villa (Ayn Taya, Algery)
Private Villas (Ibadan, Nigeria)
Private Villa (New York, USA)


Diamond Blue Hotel (Khartoum, Sudan)
Marriott St. Regis Six-stars Hotel
(Cairo, Egypt)
Emerald Hotel
(Prishtina, Kosovo)
The Landmark Hotel Presidential Suite
(London, Uk)
The Watergate hotel (Washington, USA)
Kangwonland Casinò and Resort (Kangwon Province, Korea)
Ritz Carlton Hotel at West Bay Lagoon (Doha, Qatar)
The Four Seasons Hotel (Sharm El Sheik, Egypt) (pa)
Hyatt Regency (Warsaw, Poland) (pa)
Grand Hyatt Hotel at Jingmao Tower (Shanghai, China)
Dong-Su-Won Hotel (Su Won, Korea)
Lotte Hotel Cheju (Cheju Island, Korea) (pa)
Miami Loews Beach Hotel (Miami Beach, USA) (pa)
Hotel Savoy Palace and Residence (Garda Lake, Italy)
Garda Hotel (Brescia, Italy)
The Four Seasons Hotel at Dogmersfield Park (London, UK)
Hotel Villa Sofia (Garda Lake, Italy)
Kursaal Hotel (Merano, Italy)
Hotel Majestic (Brescia, Italy)
Grand Hotel Savoy (Zurigo, Switzerland)
Grand Hotel Napoleon (Isola d’Elba, Italy)
Regal Hong Kong Hotel (Hong Kong, China)
Grand Hyatt Hotel (Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa)
Waikapu North Clubhouse (Hawaii)
Hotel Hilton (Berlin, Germany)
Movenpick Hotel at Oldsalata (Doha, Qatar)
The Four Seasons Hotel at Nile Plaza (Cairo, Egypt)
Hotel Desenzano (Desenzano, Italy)
Corinthia Hotel (Budapest, Hungary) (Presidential Suites)
Sheraton Hotel (Oman, Muscat)
The Westbury Mayfair Hotel (London, UK)
Al Sharq Hotel (Doha, Qatar)


Commercial Bank (Seoul, Korea)
Qatar Islamic International Bank (Doha, Qatar)
Qatar National Bank (Doha, Qatar)
Area Banca (Brescia, Italy)
Deutsche Bank AG (Regensburg, Germany)
Volksbank (Merano, Italy)
Banca S.Paolo (Brescia, Italy)
One Bank (Milwakee, USA)
Bank of Guam Headquarters (Guam, USA)
Commerzbank (Frankfurt, Germany)
Sparkasse (Berlin, Germany)
LZB (Freiburg, Germany)
Raiffeisenbank (Merano, Italy)
Commerzbank (Karlsruhe-Hildesheim, Germany)
Landeszentralbank (Frankfurt, Germany)
CARIPLO (Milano, Italy)
Banca Popolare di Verona (Verona, Italy)
Postgiro Bank (Leipzig, Germany)
Banca Agricola Mantovana (Mantova, Italy)
Credito Agrario Bresciano (Brescia, Italy)
Cassa Rurale ed Artigiana dei Colli Morenici (Brescia, Italy)
Ridge Bank Project (Korea)


Boca Raton Mausoleum (Florida, USA)
Mormon Temple
(Lisbon, Portugal)
Sendayan mosque Project
St. Stephen Church, Grand Rapids,
(Michigan, USA)
Zacharia Mausoleum at Woodlawn
Inglewood Park Cemetery (Inglewood, USA)
Fairmount Mausoleum (Denver, USA)
Miami Memorial Park (Miami, USA)
Chapel Hill (Kansas City, USA)
St. Joseph Cemetery (Auburn, USA)
Chapel Mausoleum (Cedar Hill, Texas, USA)
Greenwood Mausoleum (Fort Worth, USA)
Memory Gardens (Albany, USA)
St. Mary’s Cemetery (Alpha, Covington)
Mausoleum for Holmdel Cemetery Association (Holmdel, USA)
Forest Hill Mem. Park (Palm City, USA)
Raleigh Memorial Park Mausoleum (Raleigh, USA)
Lincoln Cemetery (Atlanta, USA)
Royal Palm Memorial Park (W. Palm Beach, USA)
Our Lady of Mercy (Miami, USA)
Beth David Mem. Gardens (Hollywood, USA)
St. Joseph Mausoleum (Cincinnati, USA)
Dickson County Cemetery (Nashville, USA)
St. Marcus Mausoleum (St. Louis, USA)
Cedar Park Cemetery (Westwood, USA)
Vista Memorial Park (Miami, USA)
Riverside Mem. Park (Tequesta, USA)
Greenhills Mem. Gardens (Charleston H., USA)
The Gardens Boca Raton (Florida, USA)
Sylvania Hills Mausoleum (Rochester, USA)
Wisconsin Memorial Park (Brookfield, USA)


Art, and in particular sculpture, has always been a true passion of the Ghirardi family. This is why it inspires the entire corporate philosophy.
The owner himself, Franco Ghirardi, is a well-known and celebrated artist, painter and sculptor. The company has always contributed to the work of from both well known and emerging sculptors from all over the world.
Extreme precision during processing and scrupulous attention to detail has allowed Ghirardi to become partner in the creation of important art works in Italy, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and the Far East.

Mimmo Paladino – Brescia – Backstage

Anish Kapoor 1

Anish Kapoor 2

Mimmo Paladino

Tree in “Breccia blu”

Stefano Arenti

Gianpietro Moretti

Antonino Cardillo



3D Tremiti

3D Ring

3D Antica Luni